So I seem to regularly get my mind scrambled during clinics.  Pete... Katy Watts... BALANCE... you get the picture.  So Dr. Bowker's clinic should not have come as a surprise to me, but will I ever come to expect a good scrambling?  Dr. Robert Bowker is the Professor of Anatomy at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University.  He's been studying navicular syndrome and laminitis in horses and discovering some amazing things, some of which he presented during two intense days in Valley Center, CA.  The first day was about 11 hours, the second was 8, and I think if it was not for the mental fatigue and over stimulation, most of us would have stayed on for days and weeks, just to learn a fraction of what this man knows!  I was REALLY happy to learn that he will be writing a book, due out some time in early 2009. 

Dr. Bowker teaching a rapt audience:

Dr. Bowker answering my question during a "break" regarding proximity of lamina in a foundered hoof:

Dr. Bowker kindly poses with two groupies (Mario and I of course!)


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