Fluhr - The Shy Boy

Quietly and gently, the way he lived his entire life, Fluhr left us on 8/8/07.  He was not sick and seemed happy and healthy in his final days...  His sweet soul is very missed. 

Rest in peace, Fluhr.  We love you...

Fluhr is our oldest kitty at 12 years old. 

He is very shy like Annie but loves to be loved on, and has been the one to kindly raise all of the new faces we've

brought into the house over the years, with never so much as a hiss. 

Despite the way it sounds, he was not named after the French word for flower (fleur), he is just a sketchy flurrrr kitty!

I liked this picture because Fluhr's expression reminds me of the cat in the chat noir picture behind him...


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