I miss you my angel horse ...

April 1984 - June 2009


Hope is my 1984 Arabian mare.  She is a Shah Nishan and Petit Jean granddaughter, I got her when she was newly six years old and I was 19.  What can I say about Hope?  My first horse, my real introduction to a life with horses which at that point I had only ever read and dreamed about!  She was a skinny and spooky little confirmed rearer when I got her, I was fresh off of some nice mellow school horses.  A match made in heaven. 

She, like her daughter Faith years later, has taught and shown me immeasurable things.  Some of my most beautiful memories were from her broad chestnut back, watching fireflies in a field in New Jersey, picking blackberries and sharing them at dusk, staring in awe at a beautiful rainbow after a trail ride where we had been caught in a summer thunder storm.  She carefully and quietly carried my mother in law Nancy, somehow knowing that she was not stable enough to withstand playful behavior.  Yet she also tossed off a few friends who thought they knew how to ride, to make sure their egos stayed in check.  She definitely kept MY ego in check! 

We did some team penning in Indiana, where we were the only ones in an english saddle -- with me hanging on for dear life, Hope's latent cowyness came out to raise some real honest to God cowboy respect!  In California we took cutting lessons, and then went back to my first love of dressage.  Hope has never said "no" in her life, and she rose to the dressage challenge -- despite being only 14.2h and built downhill, her "try" made up the difference, and we were Region II Champions at Second Level. 

Of my three horses, I feel the highest price of my ignorance was paid by Hope, as I struggled to learn what I could and grow up myself along the way.  I hope that I can make it up to her in her golden years...  She is now living the good life, retired from showing and very sound.  She gets frequent pedicures, massages, beauty treatments, and relaxing trail rides. 

I tell everyone that she will live forever ~ long live the Queen! 


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