I got into hoof care thanks to Faith, my Arab/Trakehner mare.  When she went lame as a 4 year old I started to question everything, and natural hoofcare came to the forefront of my attention.  How had I gone YEARS of horse ownership without really knowing anything about their feet??  In the beginning, the more I asked questions the more confused I became.  My vets and shoers were saying one thing, and the barefoot "crowd" was often saying the total opposite?! 

A friend of mine recommended Pete Ramey's book, and things happened really quickly after that.  I could not put that book down, it was like one of those page turner novels that I read into the night!  I became obsessed.  I found and poured over every website I could find, joined every Yahoo group out there on barefoot horses, and ordered more books and DVDs from people like Gene Ovnicek, KC La Pierre, and Jaime Jackson.   I drove in a blinding rainstorm to Arizona to hear Pete Ramey speak, and Mario and I drove all the way home like houses on fire, talking excitedly about everything we had learned.  The implications of this new found interest in horse feet was not even clear to me at the time.  The fact that I would never again be able to look at a horse without my eyes immediately - and uncontrollably - going to their hooves, for one!

Even more surprising was that I would eventually decide that this was something I wanted to pursue as a career!   Somehow, I graduated from hiding out in the barn at night when I was certain no one was looking, tentatively rasping a few strokes on my own horses hooves, to enrolling in the AANHCP training program that took me to several states and many mentorships and clinics, and ultimately to being involved in the creation of a new program, Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) and trimming professionally full time.  I also applied to the American Hoof Association in 2008 and was approved as a certified trimmer.  That was a huge accomplishment and I was at the time of approval one of less than 20 in the nation to achieve the honor!  :-) 

I strive to continue to learn every day from other trimmers, owners, vets and clinicians ...  but especially from the HORSES. 

List of Continuing Education:

Pete Ramey workshop - Nov 2014, Palos Verdes, CA

Pete Ramey workshop - Nov 2014, Somis, CA

American Hoof Association annual conference - fall 2014, Ashburn, VA

Easy Shoe Clinic with Daisy Bicking, Garrett Ford and Paige Poss - March 2014, Del Mar, CA

PPID (Cushings) & IR Clinic with Dr. Cindy Nielsen (PHCP conference) - Sept 2013, Sacramento, CA

Anatomy/Dissection clinic with Paige Poss (PHCP conference) - Sept 2013, Sacramento, CA

Radiograph reading clinic III with Dr. Cindy Nielsen - March 2013

Saddle fitting clinic with Dave Genedek - Jan 2013

Dr. Ridgway & Col. Carde clinic on Laterality in Horses - spring 2012, Petaluma, CA

American Hoof Association annual conference - spring 2012, Las Vegas, NV

Pete Ramey's collaborative book "Care & Rehabilitation of the Equine Hoof" 2011

Pete Ramey's DVDs "In the Trenches", "That's My Horse" and "Tools of the Trade"

American Hoof Association annual conference - spring 2011, Auburn University, AL

Radiograph reading clinic II by Cindy Nielsen, DVM - Inyokern, CA

Epona shoe clinic - fall 2010, Paso Robles, CA

Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners annual conference with Brian Hampson - summer 2010, L.A., CA

American Hoof Association annual conference - spring 2010, Auburn University, AL

Hosted Between the Twines Nutrition Clinic by Sally Hugg - Ojai, CA

American Hoof Association annual conference - winter 2009, NY state

Radiograph reading clinic by Cindy Nielsen, DVM - Reno, Nevada

Dave Richards/Equicasting clinic - summer 2008 Riverside, California

Katy Watts DVD "Feeding the Carbohydrate Intolerant Horse"

Katy Watts DVD "Soil Minerals: The Basis of Nutrition"

Pete Ramey's 16 hour 10 disc DVD "Under the Horse" - note: this series has been RACE approved for 20 hours CE credits for vets and vet techs

Pete Ramey's 2nd appearance DVD on Clinton Anderson's tv show

NRC Plus Nutrition Course by Dr. Eleanor Kellon, DVM - note: this course has been RACE approved for 90 hours CE credits for vets and vet techs

Insulin Resistance & Cushings course by Dr. Eleanor Kellon, DVM

BALANCE International clinics (2) on equine and rider biomechanics, saddle fit and their effects on hoof form


Getting really old now, but here are some quick photo pages for some of the different steps in my training/certification/ongoing journey:

Outreach Clinic with Pete Ramey - Arizona

Cadaver Trim Clinic with Jaime Jackson - California

Anatomy clinic with Fred Striebeck - Washington

Creating Positive Human-Equine Relationships & Natural Riding Introduction with Bruce Nock - Missouri

Booting Clinic with Richard Drewry - Missouri

Trimming Live Horses, Area Group Support Mtg and Safe Horse Handling Clinic - California

Assistance during Jaime Jackson clinic - California

Outreach Clinic with Pete Ramey - California

Outreach clinic with Pete Ramey - Colorado

SaferGrass.org Clinic with Katie Watts - Colorado

Outreach clinic with Pete Ramey - Valley Center, California

Dr. Robert Bowker Clinic - Valley Center, California


Step 6

Pat Wagner - Washington

Jon Thomas - Arizona

Cindy Meyer - Colorado

Step 8

Fred Striebeck - Washington

updated 2-2015


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