When I began my own hoof care education journey, the internet was a source of learning as well as support as I ventured into a new world of horse care.  It can be overwhelming with the amount of opinions we now have access to, but if you can keep an open mind you can learn even from the heated arguments! I continue to seek out and read everything I can that is posted, presented or published on the subject as well as subscribe to newsletters, magazines, e-magazines and e-mail groups. 

I recommend everyone interested in this method of horse keeping and care do the same, because there is literally a world full of deeply talented and caring people who are researching, teaching and learning from each other; creating a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. The websites below are full of great information and I feel are safe and really high quality places to become educated on horse and hoof care. 

If you jump into the fray, you won't regret the experience! 


www.hoofrehab.com - Pete Ramey's site

www.hoofrehab.com/Medium_DresageTodayFeb2013Article.pdf - Link to Feb 2013 Dressage Today article where we were interviewed on barefoot dressage horses and working with Shannon & Steffen Peters

www.pacifichoofcare.org - the hoof care training organization of which we are founding members

www.americanhoofassociation.org - peer reviewed trimmers endorsement and continuing ed organization

www.drkellon.com - in depth courses on nutrition, insulin resistance and cushings

www.ecirhorse.com - important information for insulin resistant and Cushings horses

www.safergrass.org - important research and education on grazing, hay, sugars in forage, etc.

www.earthsongranch.com - excellent natural products including flysprays, herbs, ointments, slow feeders, etc.




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