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       Left front hoof, right out of shoes in 2004 with a traditional trim, and 2006 image with a natural trim.  This 20 year old Arabian mare was over 13 years in shoes and post-laminitic as well!


      1st shot with a pasture trim and more currently with a natural trim  showing angles returning to a more comfortable and natural position.  This was done without cutting into live sole to make the heels match or making the horse sore.  This change was due to respecting the horse's own healing process with body work, natural trims, and saddle and diet changes.
Before first trim and after  months of my trimming this big teenaged gelding.  He had been shod much of his life, flat footed and very sore when tried to take barefoot in the past.
Same horse as above, lateral view.  His stance has changed with his more comfortable feet.
Before and after shots of an Arabian mare.  She has always been sound according to her owner, but her feet were clubby, thrushy and contracted, and have now been healing nicely!
  Horses that get enough movement can self trim! This is an 18 year old warmblood mare.
Before/after right front of a teenaged QH/Tb gelding with ringbone, severe thrush and resulting pathologically high heels.  Previously shod his whole life.
Same horse, same hoof as above, but with a profile view.  (Notice the tension in the pasterns is improved after the trim)

Left front     on a Thoroughbred /Friesian mare.  Shown first Oct '06, 2nd image Jan '08.
Before and after my first trim on this mare.  The new angles are much more natural and should be more comfortable for her.
      Right front hoof first in October 2006 and then six months later, March 2007
Hind profiles of a horse in "corrective" wedges and shoes (note the bruising in the hoof wall above the nails) and then after 6 months of natural trims.   
Same horse as above - he is much happier!
Front profile of a teenaged Paint gelding in shoes and 11 months later.  Now that his old angles are gone, he has begun to develop concavity and his toes and heels have finally stabilized.

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First trim

Second trim

Third trim


Case study   of a Thoroughbred  mare's progress from right out of shoes through her 3rd trim
6 year old Oldenburg gelding
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Founder - Bella

Founder - Wooda

Founder - Baskana

Images from some founder cases
Teenaged QH gelding out of shoes and 4 months later. His walls were paper thin from over rasping the outer walls and he had underrun heels.
Before/after first trim on Arab mare with a club foot.  Note the relaxation in the hair lines after the trim. 
Front right of a teenaged Thoroughbred gelding.  His feet have a lot of issues, but his owner is working hard on his health and we're making progress!  You can see from the before shot to the 2nd, that his heels are starting to stand up already.  We are working to reverse the slightly negative palmar angle.
Before/after trim on a young QH gelding
In shoes and right after first trim.  Hard working gaited horse gelding.
One year's progress of a late 20s quarter horse gelding with under run heels and long toes. 
Even thoroughbreds can have beautiful natural hooves  J Six year old TB mare, previously shod.
Bullnosed, underrun hinds of a QH gelding.  First shot immediately after shoe removal and before trim, 2nd shot 4 weeks later
Before/after trim, out of shoes about 5 weeks.  Tennessee Walker mare.
never been shod hooves on a 3 year old Peruvian mare. 
Left front.  Pulled shoes and first trim, and then 2 trims later.  He had to go up a size in boots as he decontracts.
Right front of same horse as above.
Before first trim, after 3rd trim, 4 year old mare.
Laminitic pinto pony mare immediately following shoe removal and then after 2nd trim.  Her owner corrected her diet and she's well on her way to healthy hooves!
Before/after trim of a teenage QH gelding, 2nd trim out of shoes.  We're working to correct his underrun heels.
Before/after trim, 9 year old Peruvian gelding
Thoroughbred mare with coffin bone cyst, in shoes and after first trim.  Nice angle and weight bearing change to the heels especially.
Same horse as above, right front right after shoe removal and then after first trim.
Left front hoof of a 3 year old gelding before and immediately after first trim
Quarter Horse mare diagnosed with navicular.  First image after shoe removal and first trim, second image after 2nd trim.  Note the difference in angle of her coronet scar - her heels are standing up better and she is gaining a nice toe angle.
Peruvian/Arab cross.  Tracking improvement in solar concavity.  Difference between images is between this horse's 2nd and 3rd trims.
Teenaged Thoroughbred mare before first trim and after second trim.  Still a long way to go, but things are improving and she's sound.
7 months progress for a large QH gelding.  This horse has severe underrun heels and lack of development in the back of the foot.  He's happily doing long trail rides in boots while he grows an ever healthier foot.
Left front of a QH mare diagnosed as 'navicular'.  Great changes to her angles as her heels come back to support the entire leg with a shorter toe and breakover to relieve pressure on the navicular bone.  The photos are 4 months apart.
Same horse as above.  Dramatic changes in sole depth in just 4 months time.  Look at the concavity  as well as the new strength in the heel support area at the back of the frog!
Eight months progress of a QH mare out of shoes.  Her overall hoof is rounder with wider, healthier heels and frog, and a shorter, healthier breakover.  Also note the location and thickness of the heels.
Six months progress of a QH gelding with severe thrush, contraction, and high heels. (left front shown)  His hairlines have relaxed dramatically as his heels opened up and his lateral cartilages were not so jammed upward.
Same horse as above, profile view of fronts.  The coffin bone is now sitting at a healthier angle within these hooves.
Two weeks difference from right out of shoes to check up trim on teenaged QH gelding.  Great improvement in heel angle, no longer being pulled forward by his long toe.

Same horse as above, sole view... the widest part of the hoof has already moved more to the back of the hoof with the frog opening up beautifully.

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