On November 10th and 11th 2007 in Valley Center, CA, Pete Ramey presented his final clinic (for at least 2 years) to a full house of lucky participants.  Pete will be taking the time off to research, study, trim, write, and be with his family.  This was my 4th clinic with him, and as usual I walked away with amazing new insights and knowledge as well as a much deeper understanding of concepts I thought I knew to some degree.  The first day ran 14 hours, the second was over 15, with Pete tirelessly and patiently teaching, answering questions, and trimming horses the whole time!! 

As Joe Camp very eloquently stated in his introduction on the first day -- GOD BLESS PETE RAMEY!


Pete lecturing to 120 attendees (the clinic was full and closed):

Attendees split into 5 groups to watch the trim demos, with rotations between the groups to 4 large screen tv's and one group watching live.

Pete trimming one of the demo horses


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